Best Modern Wedding Ideas

Couples, who are well up-to-date in style and all other things, love a modern wedding.  Contemporary designs that feature clean geometrical shapes, sharp lines and ample greenery are trending right now. Gone are the days when weddings were full of unnecessary decor, huge dresses and were formal affairs. It’s all about having a good time and letting your guests enjoy the event too. So here are some of the modern wedding ideas.

Wear a simple wedding gown

Your wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of the entire event. All the guests keep their eyes peeled to see what the beautiful bride has chosen as the most important dress of her life. You will instantly look chic when you cut down the layers of tulle and satin that probably makes you look like a huge cupcake. Instead, modern brides opt for fitted gowns made out of a single fabric and maybe a few rhinestones and buttons here in there. Some brides even go beyond the traditional white dress and bring fun and vibrant colors such as pink, blue or purple.

Go for a mismatched bridal party

The newest trend in bridesmaid dresses is getting them in various different chic colors. It’s a feature that will add a lot of fun to your wedding photos and decor as you will have many colors to work with. You can either go for colors in the same pallet or go for completely different ones. You can even let your bridal party select their own gowns as per any pre-specifications given by you. The more variation the more playfully elegant it will look. Incorporate these colors in your décor, save the date cards, wedding cake etc.

Use greenery instead of floral

It is a very well-known fact that fresh flowers are very expensive so using greenery can actually help in bringing down your costs. Printing flowers designs on your wedding stationery packages is easy but when it comes to searching for flowers in the exact pallet you want, can be costly and a hassle. So go for arrangements with leaves, vines and other lush green elements that can easily be found. You can even go for a theme that relates to greenery and make the wedding decoration more lush and natural. Think about the venue