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Chance To Meet Tahir BILGIC

Tahir Bilgic is an Australian comedian. He is native of Turkey. He is working as a comedian in the Australian industry for last many years. Tahir Bilgic is well known from his role as Habib in pizza and swift and shift courier. Tahir Bilgic is also as an actor. He has been working in this industry since 1995 and still he’s working for people of Sydney and Melbourne. His motto is to make people laugh and entertain them.

STAND UP comedians love to make people laugh and help them to reduce depression.

The motto of STAND UP comedians:

• Comedians are always strived to make people laugh and reduce their anxiety. In the whole world, comedians are those people who know how to make people stress free. Comedians are only in the world who know the value of smile and laughers.

• Laughter is the best medicine for all kind of diseases. In pandemic crisis; medicine becomes more expensive than other things. For making people laugh and keep them healthy from disease, comedians play a crucial role. All comedians know the importance of smile and laughter in life. Comedians are a gift of God and they help people to reduce tension.

• Smile adds colour to life. Comedians also do the same. They add colour in a dull and boring life of people. A person is exhausted due to remote work can feel fresh after an online corporate entertainment.

• Comedians know the value of human life and that’s why they make people laugh. They know laugh boost the immune system and reduce heart-related issues.

• Comedians give your ideas to laugh. After becoming adult it’s tough to laugh at pity things or without any reason. Comedians are best to make people laugh.

Comedy is the best medicine to reduce tension, depression and anxiety from life. Comedy boosts immune system make us fit to fight against diseases. Comedy and laugh reduce heart problems and gives us a chance to live a long and happy life. Laugh is also good to reduce weight. It means after listening or watching any comedy series or show you don’t any gym to reduce weight.

Aforementioned all points are good for those who love to laugh and want to enjoy life. For making people laugh STAND UP comedians always strive for best. All comedians of this platform are well known for their comedy. They have experience of more than 20 years in this field. They provide service of their laughter shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney STAND UP comedy is famous among people and they love to watch again and again this corporate entertainment event.

STAND UP comedians are blessed for those people who mostly suffer from depression and anxiety issue. Tahir Bilgic and other 200 plus comedians of this platform is not just an expert in their field but they know what people want and what the demand of people about comedy is.