Why Should You Choose Engineered Or Laminate Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring in Perth

For the budget-conscious builder or renovator who still wants to attain a timber flooring look, our timber laminate flooring in Perth is a terrific solution. It is a manufactured multi-layered product made of ornamental photographic paper bonded to a substrate that is often made of fiberboard and coated by an opaque film. Since laminates are made to be floating on a compatible underlay, there is no need for mechanical or adhesive fasteners during installation. There won’t be any disruption to your regular schedule because the entire process will be quick and simple. Being official wholesalers of Levande Laminates, which come in a variety of designer oak colors, VCS Solid Timber Floors imports a multitude of laminates to emulate popular Australian timber species. Whatever your design requirements, we have the ideal options in stock.

Perth laminates flooring

An excellent option to give your home a wood-like appearance is with laminate timber flooring in Perth. A less expensive and more reliable option than hardwood flooring is this one. To create a solid and long-lasting type of flooring, this flooring is constructed from at least 4 layers of material.

  • A tough plastic wear layer that shields the layers
  • A layer with patterns that contribute to the floor’s appealing appearance
  • A high-density fiberboard core layer, which gives the floor its weight and stress absorption.
  • A balancing (or backing) layer that serves as both a basis and a moisture barrier
  • Timber laminate flooring is a well-liked option for people who want the look of stone or hardwood floors without the astronomical price tag.

What exactly is engineered timber flooring?    

An engineered floor (multiply or similar) typically consists of a prelaminated hardwood veneer of 3 to 5 millimeters thick bonded to an engineered backing board. They are frequently prefinished on a factory coating line, and many of the coatings contain a hardening agent to extend the life of the finished product. Engineered timber flooring Perth can be floated on a suitable underlay or directly adhered to a suitable subfloor to achieve a more substantial feel underfoot. Engineered flooring is gradually taking the place of traditional solid wood flooring. It retains the appealing appearance of genuine hardwood despite having an installation process that is significantly quicker. Engineered wood is also very affordable and very durable in comparison to its strong competitors. Additionally, this kind of flooring is extremely durable in any environment or climate. Because it has multiple layers, it is less affected by changes in temperature or humidity. Engineered wood flooring in Perth is available in a variety of styles at VCS Solid Timber Floors. We get these from a wide range of suppliers to meet the needs of customers of all budgets, preferences, and installation configurations. From tiny houses to huge commercial complexes, we have flooring options for every property.