Why You Should Consider Getting A Portable Air Conditioning Unit Today

With worldwide temperatures on a constant rise, summer is becoming hotter each year. Many of the world’s hottest years were recorded in the past decade. Areas that used to have mild summers now experience frequent heatwaves. In addition to this, many common fans are not helpful in humid areas as they do nothing to reduce the humidity. With such temperatures, you may have considered installing an air conditioner in your house. However, air conditioners can prove to be inefficient as they consume a lot of electricity and can only function in a single room. A better alternative would be looking at different 12 volt portable air conditioner to decide which one is suitable for you. Portable air conditioning units have many advantages over fans or other built in air conditioners. Before you decide on whether to buy a built in air conditioner or a portable model, you should consider some of the benefits of portable air-cons.

Firstly, having a portable air-con means that you can position how far you want to keep the cold air swing. In very hot weather you can keep it closer. The portability is one of the main benefits of such air conditioners. Portable air–cons can be shifted to various rooms, depending on which room you are in. Not only does this provide an effective way of keeping many rooms cool, it allows you to cool your entire home with a single portable air conditioning unit. Unlike traditional air conditioners, they do not have to be installed and you can easily move them, when you are shifting houses. This means an overall reduced cost. Portable air conditioners are also less costly and consume less electricity than wall mounted units. Most portable air conditioners have an A+ rating on energy efficiency. You don’t have to feel guilty about keeping cool in the summer heat.

However, you may want to consider your individual application before deciding whether to purchase a portable air conditioner. If you are living in an area with constant summer heat for a longer duration, you may prefer installing multiple wall mounted units in each room. However, if the heat only lasts for a month or two, a portable unit is more efficient. Portable air conditioners are also popular for use in rental apartments as they can be removed when you are shifting. However, they are nosier and may use more water than other air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are suitable if you want to travel in the summer as they can help provide cooling while you are on the move. Portable air conditioners also come in many different sizes to suit your particular needs. Whether you need a light model to keep your pet cool, or a larger set for your home, you have a wide range of portable air conditioners to choose from.